ldap.resiter Generator for stream-processing of large search results

class ldap.resiter.ResultProcessor

This is a mix-in class to be used with class ldap.LDAPObject or derived classes which has these methods:

ResultProcessor.allresults(msgid, timeout=-1, add_ctrls=0)

Generator function which returns an iterator for processing all LDAP operation results of the given msgid like retrieved with LDAPObject.result3() -> 4-tuple


Using ldap.resiter.ResultProcessor

This example demonstrates how to use mix-in class ldap.resiter.ResultProcessor for retrieving results formerly requested with ldap.LDAPObject.search() and processing them in a for-loop.

import sys,ldap,ldap.resiter

class MyLDAPObject(ldap.ldapobject.LDAPObject,ldap.resiter.ResultProcessor):

l = MyLDAPObject('ldap://localhost')

# Asynchronous search method
msg_id = l.search('dc=stroeder,dc=com',ldap.SCOPE_SUBTREE,'(objectClass=*)')

for res_type,res_data,res_msgid,res_controls in l.allresults(msg_id):
  for dn,entry in res_data:
    # process dn and entry