Releases on PyPI

The preferred point for downloading the 'official' source distribution is now the PyPI repository which supports installing via setuptools.

The documentation contains detailed build instructions for manual installation if needed.


Because distributions seem to be all over the place, this page tries to list all the current ones we know of.

Note that the python-ldap team is not responsible for the binary packages except the binaries you can grab from the PyPI page. Also note that binary packages are most times not up to date. If you experience troubles with a binary package it would be nice if you try to build a recent version of python-ldap before submitting a bug report to make sure you did not hit a problem already fixed in recent releases.

openSUSE Linux
ships with python-ldap and there's an additional download repository which contains builds of latest releases (see also OBS package).
Debian Linux
Have a look into the Debian Package Tracker to get up to date information which versions are available.
Windows installer packages are also available in the PyPI repository now. The maintainer Waldemar Osuch has some comments about his builds too.
The CVS repository of FreeBSD contains the package py-ldap.
Mac OS X
You can directly install with pip.