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Third-party documentation

The following documents referenced are not written by python-ldap project members. Therefore some information might be outdated or links might be broken.

A series of articles by Matt Butcher about python-ldap:

LDAP Programming in Python
Another article for getting started with python-ldap.
Using LDAP from Java+Tomcat and Python+Zope
Includes ready-to-use worked examples to connect to an eDirectory sandbox via LDAP, Java or Python for non-encrypted and encrypted (SSL) connections.
The LDAP Application Program Interface, mainly for LDAPv2.
This Internet draft of the discontinued IETF working group LDAPEXT is of interest here since the OpenLDAP 2 libs implement this (expired) draft.
It's worth to have a look at the manual pages and the Developer's FAQ.
VSLDAP Interoperability Test Suite.